White Saviour

White people save the world. All the time.  In fact, white people save other people in far-flung distant lands because those poor non-white people just can’t save themselves because they’re incapable of doing so or they’re just helpless. They’re not as smart or capable as white people you see.

Extra points if the person they’re saving is an Asian female from the evil Asian males.

Films that include the white saviour are: Pacific Rim, Avatar, The Wolverine

Pacific Rim: White guy sacrifices himself to save the Asian female 

Avatar: White guy gets sent on mission to infiltrate the native alien species and becomes one of them after falling in love with their culture and with one of the alien women. Then he saves her, they make out and he ends up leading the charge against the people who want to kill the alien species. And the alien woman doesn’t care at all that her husband (whom she has known all her life as opposed to the white guy who she has known for much, much shorter), is dead.  

The Wolverine: White guy goes to exotic country and saves helpless female character from evil Asian father

The Last Samurai: White guy 

And of a TV show:

Agents of Shield: Here we have the white  male character, Lincoln, literally sacrificing himself to save the Asian female character, Skye.

This trend implies that people that are not “white” aren’t noble enough or courageous enough to save another character. But in these situations, non-white characters are not given the chance to do so because they have either been killed off earlier in the TV show or in a rare case, they do the heroic sacrifice thing but it’s not given any attention and only served to move the plot along.

In X-Men, First Class, the black character, Darwin, sacrifices himself to save the other X-Men (bunch of white characters). Darwin isn’t even acknowledged or mentioned after his death and the movie treats him as if he never existed. His death was a plot point. His death was not important. Same with Agents of Shield, whereby the black Inhuman character is killed after removing evil from the character Skye. After that, the white male character Lincoln, sacrifices himself at the end to save Skye by blasting himself into space (and in the process, killing the antagonist/villain of the series).

This white saviour is seen through movies and TV shows a lot. The reason why it’s disturbing is because it’s rooted in colonialism and white supremacy which has real-world effects on Asians, both female and male. It affects their self-esteem. It tells Asian-American females that they are only worth something if they fall in line with the white patriarchy. It tells Asian-American men that they are worth nothing at all and people from their own race would shun them for a white guy.

The Hunger Games

This is late. Noted and realized. But the controversy that surrounded the movie “The Hunger Games”, in 2012, based on the book of the same name by author Suzanne Collins and one of the characters, Rue, points towards something that seems to be a very deep, ingrained psychological thing with American media when it comes to white characters and non-white characters. Rue is described in the book as dark-skinned.

Many fans of the books were upset about this and expressed their anger through Twitter. Here’s some samples.

“And for the record, im still pissed that rue is black. Like you think she might have mentioned that…? Is that just me, or…”

“Some ugly little girl with nappy add hair. Pissed me off. She was supposed to be cute and at least remind her of Prim”-@GagasAlexander

“Why is Rue black? Not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie”-@Maggie_mcd11

Here’s the site that links more these tweets: http://au.complex.com/pop-culture/2012/03/the-25-most-racist-tweets-about-the-hunger-games/8

The hatred and anger here is just astonishing. At the time of the movie, this was a kid. Amandla Stenberg, the actress that played Rue, was only 15. Imagine, all this hatred and anger being directed towards a 15 year old for her skin colour.

These tweets implies that [b]white is normal[/b]. It implies that [b]white is the default and everything else is abnormal.[/b] It also points towards very poor reading comprehension skills and a refusal to accept any other character than white as proven by the person who wrote the first tweet who seemed to have not read the book properly. The author herself has described the character of Rue as “dark-skinned with dark hair…”.

Frankly speaking, this is more than disturbing. This is worrying. Very, very worrying. It demonstrates that some teenagers [b]cannot[/b] empathize with a character if they do not share the same skin colour as them or look exactly like them. It points towards a kind of narcissism and self-absorbed behaviour that people are showing where white characters are given more value than a black character simply because of the virtue of their skin colour. The message that these tweets send is: [b]White is right. White is normal. Anything else is not[/b]But really, the message should be this.

[b]Non-white characters are human too. Non-white is normal too. And non-white are deserving of the same respect and hold equal value that white characters are given[/b].



The Runaways

The Runaways is a comic published by Marvel about a group of superhero teens that discover their family are part of a crime syndicate. The teenagers all find out their parents are “evil” but in the end their parents end up sacrificing their lives for their kids to escape from being eaten by a monster they summoned. And then these teens go on the run to escape the bad guys that want to kill them/capture them/take them down.

It’s got a unique mix of characters and I mean really unique. There’s an alien, a witch, a cyborg, a shape-shifting alien, a daughter of telepathic shape-shifting mutants to name the main players. And a couple of characters even explore relationships with one another of the non-straight kind. Think about how awesome that would be on the big screen? Or even the small screen.

Please make this happen. Please.


Asian Fetish

It’s okay to like another person’s culture. It’s okay to appreciate another person’s culture. Currently, throughout the role playing community, some white people have suddenly taken a liking to East Asian people. That’s a good step forward from the blatant and subtle racism shown towards East Asians and other ethnicities that were not plain old white but it still poses a problem.

It poses a problem whereby some white people have Asian characters (whether they be male or female) that exist solely because of them being Asian and in doing so, somehow manage to erase their actual personality or not give them any depth. It sends messages that this is not okay.   It reduces the Asian character to an object and not an actual human being. They exist purely as a vessel for the author’s fantasies.

This is most prominent in K-pop whereby white people (international fans) take Korean idols or celebrities and turn them gay and ship them with one another. The male ones that is. The Korean female celebrities are shipped with one another as well, though the male on male pairing is more common. What makes this insidious is that white people are role playing as one of the males and another white person is role playing the other male. They are projecting their fantasies of what these characters should be and that is wrong. That is so wrong it makes one wonder if these people have some kind of mental problem.

In other cases, a white person is role playing as the female Asian character (Tao Okamoto for example) and another white person is role playing as the white male character. Or, a white person is role playing as the male Asian character (Lee Byung Hun for example) and a white person is role playing as a white female character (and in a rare case, as a black female character). So there is a very distinct pattern here. White character with Asian character but never an Asian male and Asian female pairing (which constitutes the majority of pairings in the world involving Asians in places other than America and is seen as normal). Let me pose a question:

Would you do the same if it was a white woman and a white guy? Because if you applied the same logic you did to Asian male and Asian female characters as you did to white male and white female characters, you’d have to consider their pairings abnormal. And no healthy, normal human being would hate or dislike someone that is of the same race as them purely because their race.




Whitewashing in Movies


This is from the movie, Avatar: The Last Airbender that is based on a show of which every single character is not white. The culture, the setting and the people were influenced and drawn as ethnically POC. But when it came to the big screen, all the characters save for the villain became white. The message here is: only good people can be white and bad people (enemies) are not white.

Other examples are: Dragon Ball Z live action movie where a white guy (Justin Chatwin) played a Japanese alien called Goku, the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie where Scarlett Johanssen (a white woman) plays a Japanese cyborg and the upcoming Dr Strange movie where Tilda Swinton (white woman) plays a Tibetan monk

Bad Role Play Forum Mod/Admins

It’s no secret that some admin/mods are power-hungry and cannot take any criticism. Here’s an example.

I was on a website who had “promoted” a recent admin/mod by the name of Moulder. Now, this admin/mod started immediately acting defensive when I pointed out in chat that she may have been responsible for a player leaving (and I also may have been the cause). Prior to this one of moulder’s characters humiliated another character in that thread. I joined in that thread with one of my characters as well who as a character, was being his sarcastic self to moulder’s character. Now, I understand defensiveness. That is natural but to completely disregard that you may have had done something wrong? And to do so when you are a mod? That is completely wrong. And to make things worse, she further demonstrated favouritism in saying something along the lines of “I plug who I want to plug” demonstrating that the only posts on that site were those [b]she[/b] and se alone deemed worthy which communicates an astonishing amount of rudeness, arrogance, complete disrespect (to those that don’t fall within those works she wants to plug meaning other members) and a complete lack of self-awareness of how she comes across to people.

This is not the sign of a good admin/mod when this person cannot even contemplate that they may have done something wrong and says things like “I plug who I want to plug” and it is a major red flag. So after a couple of PM exchanges, where this mod/admin starts insulting me and using capitals and starts being patronizing.

Shortly after, I was banned from the website for simply disagreeing with this mod/admin and daring to question her authority (and this was just not even a week before she became mod/admin so this showed to me what she really wanted to be a mod/admin for and it was purely for her ego). Now at this point, I’d have my suspicions about the reason/s behind Moulder’s promotion. I thought it was because Moulder was not happy with having a taste of her own medicine and with this banning, my suspicions were confirmed. Her characters could bully others but when one character bullied hers in the same way? Nope. Not cool. She could start DOING THIS to people and have her friend defend her when she was wrong but when someone else did the same thing? Nope. Not cool.

So this is one of those cases, whereby someone wants to be a mod/admin for all the wrong reasons and wanted merely to be an admin/mod just to have the ability to ban someone that didn’t agree with her or pointed out that she may be wrong about her conduct.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t be last time dealing with such a rude, vain and disrespectful mod. But one can hope.