Bad Role Play Forum Mod/Admins

It’s no secret that some admin/mods are power-hungry and cannot take any criticism. Here’s an example.

I was on a website who had “promoted” a recent admin/mod by the name of Moulder. Now, this admin/mod started immediately acting defensive when I pointed out in chat that she may have been responsible for a player leaving (and I also may have been the cause). Prior to this one of moulder’s characters humiliated another character in that thread. I joined in that thread with one of my characters as well who as a character, was being his sarcastic self to moulder’s character. Now, I understand defensiveness. That is natural but to completely disregard that you may have had done something wrong? And to do so when you are a mod? That is completely wrong. And to make things worse, she further demonstrated favouritism in saying something along the lines of “I plug who I want to plug” demonstrating that the only posts on that site were those [b]she[/b] and se alone deemed worthy which communicates an astonishing amount of rudeness, arrogance, complete disrespect (to those that don’t fall within those works she wants to plug meaning other members) and a complete lack of self-awareness of how she comes across to people.

This is not the sign of a good admin/mod when this person cannot even contemplate that they may have done something wrong and says things like “I plug who I want to plug” and it is a major red flag. So after a couple of PM exchanges, where this mod/admin starts insulting me and using capitals and starts being patronizing.

Shortly after, I was banned from the website for simply disagreeing with this mod/admin and daring to question her authority (and this was just not even a week before she became mod/admin so this showed to me what she really wanted to be a mod/admin for and it was purely for her ego). Now at this point, I’d have my suspicions about the reason/s behind Moulder’s promotion. I thought it was because Moulder was not happy with having a taste of her own medicine and with this banning, my suspicions were confirmed. Her characters could bully others but when one character bullied hers in the same way? Nope. Not cool. She could start DOING THIS to people and have her friend defend her when she was wrong but when someone else did the same thing? Nope. Not cool.

So this is one of those cases, whereby someone wants to be a mod/admin for all the wrong reasons and wanted merely to be an admin/mod just to have the ability to ban someone that didn’t agree with her or pointed out that she may be wrong about her conduct.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t be last time dealing with such a rude, vain and disrespectful mod. But one can hope.


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