Asian Fetish

It’s okay to like another person’s culture. It’s okay to appreciate another person’s culture. Currently, throughout the role playing community, some white people have suddenly taken a liking to East Asian people. That’s a good step forward from the blatant and subtle racism shown towards East Asians and other ethnicities that were not plain old white but it still poses a problem.

It poses a problem whereby some white people have Asian characters (whether they be male or female) that exist solely because of them being Asian and in doing so, somehow manage to erase their actual personality or not give them any depth. It sends messages that this is not okay.   It reduces the Asian character to an object and not an actual human being. They exist purely as a vessel for the author’s fantasies.

This is most prominent in K-pop whereby white people (international fans) take Korean idols or celebrities and turn them gay and ship them with one another. The male ones that is. The Korean female celebrities are shipped with one another as well, though the male on male pairing is more common. What makes this insidious is that white people are role playing as one of the males and another white person is role playing the other male. They are projecting their fantasies of what these characters should be and that is wrong. That is so wrong it makes one wonder if these people have some kind of mental problem.

In other cases, a white person is role playing as the female Asian character (Tao Okamoto for example) and another white person is role playing as the white male character. Or, a white person is role playing as the male Asian character (Lee Byung Hun for example) and a white person is role playing as a white female character (and in a rare case, as a black female character). So there is a very distinct pattern here. White character with Asian character but never an Asian male and Asian female pairing (which constitutes the majority of pairings in the world involving Asians in places other than America and is seen as normal). Let me pose a question:

Would you do the same if it was a white woman and a white guy? Because if you applied the same logic you did to Asian male and Asian female characters as you did to white male and white female characters, you’d have to consider their pairings abnormal. And no healthy, normal human being would hate or dislike someone that is of the same race as them purely because their race.





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