White Saviour

White people save the world. All the time.  In fact, white people save other people in far-flung distant lands because those poor non-white people just can’t save themselves because they’re incapable of doing so or they’re just helpless. They’re not as smart or capable as white people you see.

Extra points if the person they’re saving is an Asian female from the evil Asian males.

Films that include the white saviour are: Pacific Rim, Avatar, The Wolverine

Pacific Rim: White guy sacrifices himself to save the Asian female 

Avatar: White guy gets sent on mission to infiltrate the native alien species and becomes one of them after falling in love with their culture and with one of the alien women. Then he saves her, they make out and he ends up leading the charge against the people who want to kill the alien species. And the alien woman doesn’t care at all that her husband (whom she has known all her life as opposed to the white guy who she has known for much, much shorter), is dead.  

The Wolverine: White guy goes to exotic country and saves helpless female character from evil Asian father

The Last Samurai: White guy 

And of a TV show:

Agents of Shield: Here we have the white  male character, Lincoln, literally sacrificing himself to save the Asian female character, Skye.

This trend implies that people that are not “white” aren’t noble enough or courageous enough to save another character. But in these situations, non-white characters are not given the chance to do so because they have either been killed off earlier in the TV show or in a rare case, they do the heroic sacrifice thing but it’s not given any attention and only served to move the plot along.

In X-Men, First Class, the black character, Darwin, sacrifices himself to save the other X-Men (bunch of white characters). Darwin isn’t even acknowledged or mentioned after his death and the movie treats him as if he never existed. His death was a plot point. His death was not important. Same with Agents of Shield, whereby the black Inhuman character is killed after removing evil from the character Skye. After that, the white male character Lincoln, sacrifices himself at the end to save Skye by blasting himself into space (and in the process, killing the antagonist/villain of the series).

This white saviour is seen through movies and TV shows a lot. The reason why it’s disturbing is because it’s rooted in colonialism and white supremacy which has real-world effects on Asians, both female and male. It affects their self-esteem. It tells Asian-American females that they are only worth something if they fall in line with the white patriarchy. It tells Asian-American men that they are worth nothing at all and people from their own race would shun them for a white guy.


2 thoughts on “White Saviour

  1. Bro- you nailed it. White guys kick ass and save the day. When the shit goes down and tsunami hits Asian like Godzilla nailing some dinosaur ass, it’s America and her white guys who come to the rescue. Thanks for accepting this faft.


    1. Tell me something. Does it hurt to function with all that self-hatred,
      racism and anger bottled up inside of you? Also, you’re right. White Guys screw things up and make the situation even worse. That’s why you guys are regarded as a domestic threat within your own country. And you, All American White Guy, are a racist, insecure piece of shit as you demonstrate so well here. Thanks for accepting that.

      Btw, I’m genuinely serious here. Wtf are you even talking about? I’m serious. I told you this. I don’t understand gold-covered shit talk so you’re going to have to try to speak human languages here without resorting to racism. Or is that too hard to do? Do you need some help? Like, psychiatric help?

      And you’re right. When the tsunami hit Japan, the Japanese were coming to the rescue of their fellow countrymen whereas you guys were Idk, I guess, spewing racism against Asians on the internet. Thanks for accepting that. Btw, what does faft mean? Seriously. Did you just make that word up? You tried. I’ll give you that. But you should really learn how to speak English or construct proper sentences and words before engaging in an adult conversation. Because right now, all I’m getting is gibberish. Btw, I’m going to ban the use of some of your words alright? Don’t get a heart attack now when you can’t use some of your favourite racist words, my unfailingly racist friend.


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